Orsi’s Italian Bakery & Pizzeria 1919


Orsi’s Bakery is known for some of the best and authentic pizzas in all of Omaha, NE. Located in 621 Pacific St, Omaha, NE 68108 in the Little Italy side of town it has brought to Omaha many of its traditional foods and smells of Italy. The founder of Orsi’s Bakery, Alfonso Orsi, opened the place in 1919 bringing imported foods and traditional Sicilian style pizza. In 1949 Alfonso retired and henceforth the restaurant has been kept within the family helping the place continue its survival. In 1997 the restaurant suffered from a fire that almost destroyed Orsi’s Bakery, but many helped rebuild the restaurant again, allowing for the place to still exist to this day. As of 2010 Bob Orsi Jr. sold his share of the bakery to Jim Hall as the new owner.

 Orisi’s Bakery and Pizzeria has a wide variety of products available as can be seen in the pictures below. Here’s a couple of food choices that you can order while at Orsi’s: Pizza, Goudarooni, Garlic Bread, and their famous Cannolies. Click Here to view the complete Orsi’s menu.


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